North Island, Seychelles

Set foot on your own private island in the Seychelles. Infinite, exclusive space where the embrace of lush tropical palms and giant granite peaks dwarf your presence with their drama. With just 11 villas on this property, your footprints will be the only evidence on the Island’s vast, untouched beaches. North Island epitomises the freedom that complete privacy allows, extraordinary experiences, perfectly personalised to your preferences, and service that is generously big-hearted. The Island’s abundance naturally extends to the luxury of choice that a peerless all-inclusive offering provides. Experience a true barefoot-luxury escape on North Island. North Island is a small granitic island (2.01 km²) in the Seychelles.


The island is one of the Seychelles’ 42 inner islands. It is 5.8 km (3.6 miles) north of Silhouette Island, and 27 km (17 mi) north west of Mahé. The island has four beaches; East Beach, West Beach (or Grande Anse), Honeymoon Cove, and Dive Beach. The highest point of the island is 180 m. The perimeter measures in at 7.55 km, and the area is 2.01 km²


Most of the population are employed in the tourism business. Accommodations reserved for the permanent staff are located near the island’s center.


The buildings of the island are either renovated coral buildings or were built from the removal of the unwanted trees on the island, during Marius Maier plan. The resort has 10 standard villas, and a special excluded (Villa North). A gym is in the village, a huge spa, library, restaurant. The resort also features a boutique, a dive center, a main pool, and a bar.


The island has many activities. mountain biking, scuba diving, kayaking and deep sea fishing. The resort offers a unique dining concept: the chef discusses guests’ likes and dislikes upon arrival and bases available ingredients on this information. All food on North Island is either grown in the organic vegetable gardens, reared on the island, or caught fresh from the sea.