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Praslin Museum is located on Cote D’Or roughly 50 metres from the Acajou Hotel. The museum, which showcases the traditions of Seychelles as well as its culture in general, also features a garden of endemic and medicinal plants of Seychelles where visitors can view fruit bats and also enjoy a glass of Citronelle tea or local fruit juice.


The Mission Lodge Originally called Venn’s Town, Missionaries ran a school there for liberated African landing in Seychelles after 1861. The ruins are a reminder of Seychelles’ role in the campaign to stamp out the slave trade in the region following the abolition of slavery in 1834.


The Natural History Museum hosts exhibitions that not only illustrate the flora, fauna and geological history of Seychelles, but serve to enlighten visitors about major environmental concerns with the aim of promoting positive attitudes and actions in conserving our natural heritage. Seven prominent aspects of Seychelles’ natural heritage are showcased through exhibits and dioramas, and the museum’s documentation/resource center contains a wealth of research material in various formats.


The Domaine de Val des Près was built around 1870. The gigantic timber house which once belonged to the Bailey family was sold to the government in 1972. In 1926, Dr John Thomas Bradley (1872-1942) who was then chief medical officer of health in Seychelles gave the house to his daughter Dolly in 1920 who had married Douglas Bailey (1899-1974) a wealthy Anglican and fervent supporter of the Anglican Church in Seychelles.


The Kenwyn House Built in 1855, Kenwyn House, an elegant example of French colonial architecture, is one of Seychelles’ most visited monuments and a must-see for visitors exploring the Seychelles capital, Victoria. Home of JOUEL- the premier luxury retail company in Seychelles- Kenwyn House offers visitors a chance to explore an historical site while browsing through a world-class jewelry selection comprising of six JOUEL collections.



Carrefour of Arts residing in the heart of the Seychelles capital Victoria, features the best of local art and craftwork, with themes drawing extensively on Seychellois traditions, folklore and environment. From illustrations to fabric art, Carrefour des Arts plays host to an array of exciting artistic styles, serving as an outlet for Seychellois creativity while providing visitors with an ideal venue to secure a vivid memento of their island experience. Carrefour des Arts also houses a cafeteria for refreshments and retail outlets for CDs, DVDs, videos and audio tapes produced by Seychellois musicians.